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Celebrate the Power of Self Care

  • Earthy

    Scent Story:

    Stay peaceful. Stay rested. Stay grounded.

    Green Tea, Ginger, Musk, Pine, Rosewater, Sage.

  • FAM (Fine A$$ Momma)

    Scent Story:

    Every mom deserves luxury, beach, mimosas, and fresh flowers. *{most popular}*

    Amber, Champagne Mimosa, Pink Rose

  • Honey I Smoked A Pumpkin (limited)

    A spin on your Fall fav ~ Not your average pumpkin scent + Your new Holiday favorite.

    Ganja Flower, Pumpkin Spice, Tobacco Leaf

  • Island Boy

    There's just something about an Island Boy. Stella won't be the only one getting her groove back.

    Coconut, Green Tea, Exotic Musk

  • Lavender Tuesday

    Scent Story:

    A perfect dose of peace + rejuvenation.

    Amber, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sage

  • Man Oh Man

    An enticing scent. Reminding you that a good smelling man, never gets old.

    Bergamot, Chamomile, Musk, Pine, Red Pear, Sage

  • Shugah

    Scent Story:

    The vacation you didn't know you needed.

    Amber, Pineapple, Pink Sugar

  • Tropical Mint

    Vacation + Relaxation.

    Guava, Pink Sugar, Mint

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