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Rose Water

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MP Rose Water hydrates, revitalizes, and moisturizes.

Made with fresh roses + purified water + infused with natural oils, such as vitamin e, rose, and apricot oil. [*you'll find remnants of roses in each bottle.*]

Safe for adults, children, and dogs (leaving their coat soft and nourished).


Use Rose Water For:

- Locs/Hair
- Skin/Dog Fur
- Facial Toner
- Makeup Removal


Important Note(s):

* Our rose water is naturally made without preservatives and is heat and time sensitive. So, be sure to store your products in the refrigerator (best option) or a cool dry place to increase the shelf life. If it's left to sit in the heat it will surely go bad and lose the beautiful benefits. MP will not be responsible for products stored incorrectly.

* Roses are red, so the product may show up on light colored clothing/items.